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My name is Sarah. I am a mother of four gorgeous children and wife to an amazing husband.

Understandably, I want only the best for my family. I truly believe we all do. That’s why I have started The Essential Soul.

There are so many toxins and nasties we are using in our every day life and unless we dig deep (like I recently did), you would never know the effects and internal damage that these chemicals are doing to your family.

Whether it’s wiping down your bench top, washing your clothes or putting on some perfume, the consequences of the chemical intake from using most store bought products is enough to leave you feeling shattered you ever used these products in the first place. Most of these products contain chemicals that can stick to your organs and cause serious health issues.

What’s worse is these companies don’t even tell you they’re doing it because there are no regulations that hold them accountable for it.

I am very passionate about bringing awareness to this issue so that people can make an educated decision on what they’re using in their home.

Doterra has given me the confidence that I am doing all I can to give my family the best opportunity at a healthy and safe life.

Join me as I share my journey of the big “ditch and switch” to a low tox home.

It’s been the best thing I’ve done for my family with instant noticeable changes in my kids eczema and behaviour.

If making a change within your home is something that interests you, please head over to @the.essential.soul on Instagram and shoot me a DM.

Let’s get your house clean and keep your family safe and healthy 🌾

Love Sarah xoxo

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