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Let’s talk about mums taking a shower.

I often hear mums say they don’t have time to take a shower in their day or they wait for their other half to return from work so they can shower.

Personally I have never understood this because showering is part of my daily life and so I make it work.

I have found ways to make it work.

When Arabella goes down for her first morning nap I put the monitor on loud and put it just in front of my shower so I can see and hear it and then I shower.

I have also been known to put her in her Bumbo and let her hang out with me whilst I shower. We sing songs and I splash water towards her and she thinks it’s hilarious.

Anyway I thought I would try and help other mums break down their shower time to show how possible it can be.

Let’s assume your babe sleeps for 30-60 minutes in their first nap, I have worked out that you only require 6-7 minutes of that time to take a quick shower.

Here’s the breakdown

Minute 0-1- Get in the shower and enjoy the warm water trickle down your body (take a moment to take 3 deep breaths whilst you can. It’s healthy for your brain)

Minute 1-3 – Wash your body from head to toe including your face

Minute 3-6 – Wash and condition your hair

Minute 6-7 – Finish rinsing your body and enjoy the water trickle one last time.


You have showered and can now start your day in a positive way.


*I am not joking when I say, I have legitimately tested this theory and managed to do all of the above in 5 minutes and 53 seconds without any stress or feeling rushed so 7 minutes should be more than enough for those who like to take their time.

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