Childcare Orientation

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I cried

I smiled

I was organised

I was disorganised

I packed her bag ready to go, but I didn’t pack my tissues.

I had her bottle, formula, change of clothes and bunny, but I didn’t have my emotions together.

I was filled with joy for her to explore,

But also filled with sadness to let her go.

What a bloody roller coaster.

I always imagine that Arabella would attend the centre that I am working in.

Call me a control freak but if Arabella was at my centre I would be able to watch over her. I would be able to control who was caring for her. What type of environment she was in.

It is safe to say that I am really struggling with not having any of that control, but I think this is healthy for me. Not having control is what I need.

I really need to work on parent hat and educator/director hat.

If you are an educator and have been in a similar situation and have decided to send your child to another centre other than where you are working, please reach out to me. I really would love your help on my emotions with this one.

Thank you beautiful humans.

Chelsea xoxo

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