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When Arabella was 3 weeks old, we travelled to England to visit family.

On the flight going over Dan was up out of his seat changing Arabella’s nappy. He also gave her a few bottles whilst I was able to catch up on some sleep.

A few hours later a man walked past my seat and stopped and leant into me saying, “you have a wonderful husband. I have seen him change some nappies and feed her.”

At first, I didn’t think much about it, but then it happened again.

A lady walked over to me and said “you are very lucky to have such a great husband. He has changed some nappies I see.”

This got me thinking.

Do we really still live in this world where the mum is the only one who cares for their children?

How about when you are out without bubs and people say, ‘oh is dad babysitting tonight?’


No, he’s not babysitting, he’s parenting.

Every night where possible Dan tried to get home from work in time to bath Arabella. This is their time together to bond and splash around. He then dresses her and gives her a bottle and cuddles before bed. It is their special time together.

I will never understand it.

I appreciate that back in the day traditionally the men went to work, and the women stayed home and cared for their children, but surely that is a little stone age now.

I am extremely grateful that I have such a hands-on father who wants to be involved in our daughter’s life and wants to learn how to care for her and be there for her. I think it is so special and important for them to build that bond with one another.

Together let’s try and make a shift in our thoughts about dads being parents.

Let’s encourage them to feel competent within their parenting role.

Let’s encourage them to be involved and support where possible.

Let’s be equal.

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