Questions for Childcare Centres

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We acknowledge that it can be an overwhelming experience deciding on a childcare centre that is right for your children and you as a family.

I have put together some basic questions that may help you in making that decision.

  1. What foods are provided to the children and how nutritious is the menu?

You want to know that you are getting good value for money and your child is being provided healthy meals throughout the day.

  1. Do the children get primary caregivers?

Does your child have 1 primary educator that supports them or is it free for all and if it is free for all how can the educators ensure that your child’s developmental needs are being met and their learning is being extended?

  1. What philosophy does the centre offer? Eg. Reggio, Montessori, Steiner etc..

These are different theorists and teaching styles. You can google the different styles prior to visiting centres to help you decide which might sound more suited to your child.

  1. Does the centre have professional cleaners or are staff expected to clean throughout the day and at the end of their shift?
  2. How many children are in each room?
  3. What community engagement does the centre have?

Does the centre do excursions and have incursions also?

  1. How do educators engage with families and share about their child’s learning? Eg. An App that they use or a learning folder etc?
  2. Orientation visits? Are they offered and are they free/included? How many visits will your child get before their first official day of care?
  1. Is there a bond to enrol your child. What are the Fees and charges?
  2. How does the centre follow children’s individual learning?
  3. What rating has the centre received from Assessment & Rating?

Each centre goes through an Assessment & Rating from the Department of Education. The ratings can provide a good insight into what areas the centre does best and maybe what areas require some work. It can be helpful to see these ratings in order to support your decision.

If you do have any further questions after leaving your centre tour, don’t hesitate to contact the centre. No question is a silly question and no doubt the centre Director will want to ensure you have left with all the required information.

Good Luck on finding the right education and care service for your child 🙂

I am here to help if you need.

Chelsea xoxo

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