Selecting The ‘Right’ Centre

For someone with my knowledge and understanding around childcare you would think walking into a centre for your own child would be a breeze.


Not even remotely simple or easy.

In fact one of the hardest decisions I have made is what childcare centre I think would be right for our daughter.

What did you look for in a centre when deciding which one was right for your child/ren?

We chose based on the presence of the centre director showing us through,

Based on the cleanliness of the service,

Based on the educators responses to us as we walked through the rooms,

Based on how engaging the director was with the children through the tour,

And finally I guess we based it on how we felt when we walked out and that feeling was satisfied and happy.

Needless to say I am shitting myself about actually sending her for the first time, but I do think the hard part is over.

I hope.

So much to consider when looking for a childcare centre and I found it extremely hard to take my director/educator hat off and put my parent hat on.

Turns out it was a real challenge for me and something I now know to work on as a new mum.

How did you pick your childcare centre?

If you’re yet to decide on one, feel free to get in contact as I am more than happy to share with you some things to look out for.

Good luck

Chelsea xoxo

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  • Avatar Nola says:

    Hi Chelsea ❤️

    Please can you share your thoughts in choosing the right centre for your child. I have been to two child centres and they where so different in every way.
    I have a 6 month old boy who will be 12 months old when he will go to a child care centre.

    Kind regards,


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