Sleep deprivation…it’s the real deal

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Seriously, this whole parenting thing is a tough gig.

Anyone else feel the same way?

Wouldn’t have it any other way…but would appreciate a little more sleep.

Who else is suffering from sleep deprivation?

I truly wonder sometimes why I even bother to go to bed at all.

And for all of those people who say, sleep when the baby sleeps….surely you can appreciate it’s not that easy. Whilst I try, by all means I try, it seems like the second I fall asleep she’s awake again and I end up feeling worse than before.

Some nights I truly think, surely you are tired so why the heck are you not sleeeeepingggg!!!

So what’s the answer?

I am extremely grateful to all of my followers who have reached out to me and offered support.

  • White noise
  • Music
  • Different tog sleeping bag
  • Room temperature
  • Sleep consultant
  • Pick up/put down technique
  • Routine
  • Allergies
  • Eczema
  • Teething
  • Dream feed

Above is a list of some of the reasons why she may not be sleeping accompanied with some suggestions on how to help her sleep better.

We have tried all of these things and since speaking to a sleep consultant and shifting her daytime sleep routine we have seen an extremely positive change in her nighttime sleep patterns.

In saying this, when she is sick or is teething it is a whole other story. This week has been a shocker for both her and for us. I feel so bad for her because I know that she is struggling so bad. I want to take all the sickness and the sore teeth away from her and give it to myself instead.

Does anyone else feel like this when their babe is teething?

Poor darling is struggling to breathe and has an awful cough so needs lots of love and cuddles to make her feel better.

I truly hope all my fellow mummas and dads out there are getting as much sleep as possible and if you’re not, then I am thinking about you and please seek help if you can.

Use the suggestions above, ask family or friends for support, reach out to me if needed because I need you to know that you are not in this journey alone. I don’t even know myself at the moment because I am so tired and I am sure I am not the only one feeling like this.

Wishing you all lots of sleep

Chelsea xoxo

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