The Sperm Met The Egg (Behind The Scenes of Child Birth)

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My husband’s birthday. We went for a beautiful meal together to celebrate his Birthday and to enjoy one last meal as just husband and wife (soon to be mum and dad).

At 7:30pm we arrived at Ashford Hospital. Completed all the relevant paperwork and waited to be directed to the birthing suite. Room number 4 became home for the next 24 hours.

At 9:00pm the induction began.

12 hours they said it would take to kick in…. how wrong they were!!!

By midnight my contractions had started. One after another after another. No rest for the wicked, mine were all on top of one another.


By 2:00am I couldn’t handle the pain, so I called for the midwife. She gave me an injection in my leg…now don’t ask me what it was because I have no clue.

All I know is that it hurt going in and didn’t help with the pain,

so the on-call Anaesthetist was called in to save the day. An epidural inserted by 4:00am

and what a bloody relief!!

Quickly I am just going to go on a rant about the whole epidural situation.

Mums out there who didn’t have an epidural, I take my hat off to you.

Mums out there who did have an epidural, I take my hat off to you too

and mums out there who had a caesarean, I take my really big hat off to you.

Don’t feel ashamed, don’t feel judged. This is the real deal.

Real pain no matter how it happened, we all feel the same in the end so be proud of what you have achieved no matter how you achieved it.

Furthermore, we are all superwomen and should be supporting one another, not putting each other down for how we had our baby.

All unique and amazing in our own way.


I managed to get an hour of sleep until the itching began.

Yes you heard me correctly, the itching. Like you would never believe. All over my body.

I was scratching my legs so hard I took layers of skin off…apparently this is a side effect of the epidural and it hit me hard. I was so uncomfortable.

At 6:30am the beautiful Dr Anneliese Perkins came in to visit me. She checked over everything and at this point my little babes heart rate decided to drop….

Due to my contractions being on top of one another they decided to remove the Cervadil in case this was the reason bubs was getting stressed, but soon after, it dropped again. Dr Perkins discussed the potential for an emergency caesarean and that didn’t bother me.

My husband and I were happy as long as our baby arrived safely.

Instead they decided to put me on oxygen and watch what happened. I was being monitored closely and was hooked up to every machine you could imagine.

Due to my gestational diabetes, my bloods were all over the place so I was put on insulin just to add to the mix. Another tube attached. At this point I looked like I was taking part in a science experiment. Did anyone else experience something similar?

Our little babes heart rate came good again and remained stable for most of the day.

3:20pm I told Dan I could feel some pressure down below.

We called for the midwife and she checked my cervix.

Yep…fully dilated. Ready to rock and roll. I quickly grabbed my phone and text my friends “It’s show time! Fully dilated. See you all on the flip side xx”. I then called my mum and said I am going to start pushing, I told her I loved her and hung up.

The midwife called Dr Perkins to let her know I was ready. When she returned to the room she said

“I think Dr Perkins said she was at Bunnings but would be here soon”.

Not long after Anneliese arrived to confirm that she was in fact in Bunnings buying a bike rack haha.

We had a good laugh about it whilst she was gearing up for delivery. Dr Perkins casually walked over to me and said put your foot up on my hip. She had a feel down below and said

“it’s go time”.

Anneliese asked me for my hands,

I leant forward and could feel our babies head coming out!!

What a surreal feeling.

I started pushing using all the techniques I had learnt from Ivory Rose and our beautiful baby was delivered stress free within 15 minutes of pushing. Babes was crying right away and was placed on my chest.

At this point we still didn’t know the sex. Dr Perkins asked Dan to take a look between the legs and reveal.

IT’S A GIRL!!!!!!!

Arabella Oliver. Our perfect miracle baby.

We all have a different story to share and each one is unique in its own way. Be proud of what you have achieved, because it isn’t easy to say the least.

Chelsea xoxo

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