Welcome To Baby Talk Time

My blog about fertility, pregnancy, parenthood and childcare.

I started Baby Talk Time originally as an outlet, a space to share my feelings around fertility…a space to vent…but then it grew to so much more.

With a Masters in Early Childhood Education and being in Childcare Management, I realised I could share so much more.

It became a space to share ideas on education, children’s fashion, travel, childcare and parenting. A space for others to support one another and to create a network of women who are all on their own journey of fertility, pregnancy or parenthood.

My page is simply to share my experiences.

  • Experiences around fertility and IVF
  • Experiences through pregnancy and
  • My experiences as a mum.

When women come together as one and support one another we are far more powerful.

When we are all treated equally, we are far more powerful.

Fertility can be tough….shit in fact.

Pregnancy can be tough….shit in fact.

Parenting can be tough….but damn it is rewarding.



Chelsea xoxo