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I recently did a post on Instagram asking other mummas out there for suggestions on how to support a baby with eczema.

This photo was taken 6 days ago and was taken at 7:30am before she had any food or milk. During the night before she had scratched her face so badly that there was blood stains on her sleeping bag.

I received an overwhelming amount of responses and wanted to share them with you.

  • E45 Cream
  • Biologi Serum
  • Dermaid
  • Groto Skin Care
  • Bleach Bath (Research Monash Hospital)
  • Oat Bath (Put Oats in Stocking)
  • Dermaveen
  • Goats Milk Bath
  • Reduce/Remove Dairy
  • See Dermatologist
  • Washing Powder (Dynamo Brand & Scent Free)
  • Make my own Washing Powder
  • Essential Oils
  • Pool Salt Bath
  • Avena Range (Oil in bath & replenishing balm after)
  • Childs Farm products
  • Cortisone Cream
  • Avoid Heaters
  • Anti Inflammatory Diet
  • Skin Wizard Oil Dermaid Soft Cream


So far we have tried a very large range of skin products and none of them have worked. Arabella will sometimes wake up in the night scratching her face so badly that she makes herself bleed.

I NEED to find a solution.

Over the past 5 days we have gone completely dairy free to see if it is gut related rather than environmental. Dairy free has made a significant difference to her skin so far but she is still experiencing some itching so I will be going through each one as a process of elimination to see what works exactly for her.

This photo was taken a few days after removing dairy from her diet. You can still see a little rash near her chin, but it is still a massive improvement.

I am aware that dairy can stay in the gut for over 4 weeks so we are going to stick at it to see if this makes a difference to the itching.

I am so curious about this topic because so many people suffer from it, yet there doesn’t seem to be 1 exact cure for everyone….there are just a million different products to try and what seems to be spending all our savings on trying all the different creams etc… that are on the market.

This is behind her knee. She is often scratching this area vigorously, especially during nappy changes.

So what is the answer?

I read some information the other day saying that we need to be mindful of the products we are using on our babies before they start eating solids because a lot of us are actually introducing foods to their skin and bodies before they even start eating. We do this by using products that have ingredients such as goats milk etc…

So are we not suppose to do this? Are our babies guts and skin not fully developed to be able stomach the foods pre eating?

So many things to learn and so many things to consider.

As a mum of an eczema baby I just want what is best for her so will do all I can to find what is right for her skin.

Once her eczema has completely cleared, I will let you all know what we have found to work.

Stay tuned

Chelsea xoxo

Arabellas skin has made massive improvements since being dairy free, but we do still catch her scratching during some meal times and through the night.

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