Returning To Work

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Do we return to work for money?

Do we return to work for a sense of belonging?

Do we return to work to give us purpose?

It doesn’t really matter why we are returning to work, either way, leaving your baby is bloody hard. Both mentally and physically.

I have realised recently as my friends start returning to work and I return to work that as a society, we do not support mums enough with leaving their babes and returning to the workplace.

When you have carried your baby in your stomach for 9 months and then been 1:1 with your baby since the day they were born for however long you were able to take off, letting go of this…..its bloody tough.

Even though she totally loves childcare and has the best time, I still struggle with serious mum guilt.

I have been thinking more about how we can support mums through this process and whilst childcare educators and directors play a part in supporting and your employer should also play a part in supporting…sometimes it just doesn’t feel like it is enough.

Sometimes you might want to just vent about how shit it really is.

Sometimes you might want to speak to someone who is experiencing the same as you.

Or sometimes you might want advice.

With all of this in mind.


I am here for you.

If you are currently feeling all the feels, just holla because no doubt deep down I am also feeling all the feels.

We are in this together.

Chelsea xoxo

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