Teach your toddler to call 000

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Have you ever wondered how your toddler can call 000 in an emergency when your iPhone or android is locked?

A few months ago I asked everyone for suggestions on Instagram on how to teach toddlers to phone 000 in case of an emergency.

Keep reading for some tips….

– Go old school and buy a landline phone.

– Go one step better and add photos of important people for your child to recognise and click the picture as a direct line call (this is genius)

– Put your child’s face in your phone for face recognition and teach them where to find the phone icon

– Teach your child how to access emergency calls from a locked phone

– Teach your child how to say your house address. Have it written down somewhere at their height for an easy reminder.

– Create an emergency contact poster with pictures that are easy for a child to recognise. Eg. Photo of police, paramedic and firefighter with 000 written next to it.

Lets make this a common household habit. Teach your children how to contact emergency services to ensure you are all safe. You never know when you might need your toddlers help!

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